Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Online Shopping for Patiala Salwar Suits at Low Price

It is believed that the Turks  and Persians were the ones who first wore these loose trousers. These pants heralded what we know is the modern day salwar or shalwar. Understandably, Mughals brought this style to India, until the salwar suit stood for Punjabi fashion, and they are still called 'Punjabi Suits'. The Patiala salwar originated in Punjab, and it is a fusion of Persian and Indian. Its pleats with voluminous cut makes this salwar combined with a short kurti or ong kurta. It is the perfect everyday summer outfit as well as for special and formal occasions.

Patialas are not only traditional outfits but have a cool comfort quotient that makes them high in demand, especially in hot and humid climates. The patiala suit is totally the opposite of the churidar suit which is tight. These suits have wide and baggy around the legs and tapered at the ankle. Today, the loosely fitted patiala suit comes in many beautiful and rich designs and colours suited for every type of woman.

The top half, also known as the kameez (kurta or kurti), comes plain or in an abundance of cuts with varying neck styles from Chinese collared, V-shaped, high-necked, to Anarkali  and frock styles with lace , zariembroidery, Gota patti or mirror work.

Patiala suits have a vibrant touch which exudes vibrancy of Punjab. the Patiala Salwar suits are perfect for working woman, housewife, bollywood diva or any other woman from different walks of life. The Patiala suits have a style statement which reflects on a Punjabi touch, the outfit was inspired from the royal king of Patiala who used to wear pleated pants under a kurta. Women of the state took inspiration from the outfit and started wearing Patiala Salwar with Kurti. The styling the these suits can be very easy, the outfit is elaborate and can be dressed up nicely for special occasion. The Punjabi suit is just so fun for formal occasion and it gives you the quintessential traditional look. There are lots of ways to style up the these suits:

Dupatta: The phulkari work dupatta is perfect for styling a Patiala Salwar suit. The dupatta with phulkari work is anyways a staple in the wardrobe of most women. The amazing thing about phulkari dupatta is that the vibrant colors make it perfect to be paired with many different suits. So you can pair it with a plain white, beige, black or soft color Patiala Salwar suit to add a dash of color.

Salwar style: You can choose from the many different Salwar style available. The Patiala Salwar has multiple pleats, but you can choose from the three popular styles of Patiala, semi Patiala, full Patiala and shahi Patiala. These three have varied number of pleats, hence the name.

Accessories: Accessories like bangles, parandas, latkans look amazing with Patiala Salwar suit. These suits can be accessorized with earrings, statement neck piece and anklets.

Footwear: You can wear any kind of footwear with a Patiala Salwar suit but Jutti looks exceptionally well with a Patiala Salwar suit. Jutti comes in a lot many colors; there are also these fancy ones that can be worn with any different color of patiala suits. Word of advice, you should try walking in the jutti days before the actual occasion because it might get uncomfortable for you.

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