Thursday, 16 June 2016

Merrymaking and Jollification with Alluring Lehangas

Lehenga is the most common and famous attire of India that is generally worn during various traditional occasions and especially in weddings. Lehenga is a symbol of celebration and happiness. Every Indian bride wears lehenga during her wedding day. Lehenga gives exotic appearance to the bride as they show the charismatic aura of the woman. Lehenga have a very rich history. These are worn during the medieval period.  Lehenga is generally in the form of fluffy skirt. Lehenga is the most beautiful India attire and can make look any women out of the world.

There are many beautiful types of attire available but the aura of the lehenga is unbeatable. Lehenga acts as a treasure especially for Indian brides as these lehengas are full of scintillating embroidery. Lehenga represents the amalgamation of different culture which makes it more unique. Lehenga is also a dress code for navarati. During the nine days festival of navaratri every women wear lehenga. Navarati is a perfect time to flaunt your our gorgeous side with style and dazzle by wearing lehenga.
There are eight types of lehengas that can flaunt your which are circular/flared lehenga, 

mermaid/fishtail lehenga, panelled lehenga, A- line lehenga; sharara cut lehenga, straight cut lehenga, lehengas with a jacket and half saree lehenga.  Circular flared lehenga is one of the oldest forms of lehenga. This lehenga has multiple flares and is very extreme in volume. This type of lehenga is usually not embellished with heavy embroidery as it is already very heavy due to large number of flares. It adds extreme volume below the waist.

Lehenga is worn with short choli and it is perfect for apple shape, pear shape, hourglass shape and straight shape body. Mermaid or fishtail lehengas are tight from the knees and have flares from the calves. It is generally worn with short halter neck choli.  Panelled lehenga is made with horizontal panels of fabric along with flares. A –line lehenga is tighter at the waist and have flares at the bottom. Sahara cut lehenga is another form of plazo. It looks like a huge plazo with flares. Straight cut lehenga has straight cuts that flow along the body.

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